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Sunday Open Gym


Sunday Open Gym

11am-Noon: Free Intro Session for Newbies
11am-1pm: Open Gym for Members

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  1. afleming13

    1 mile run, 5:56 PR

    Zahra and Dave, thx for organizing a great dinner! The food was amazing…I’m thinking “Metropolis Catering” is on the horizon!!

  2. mhigg

    2 rounds for time of:
    1 mile Run
    30 Back squats, 135/115
    60 Double unders

    30 minute cut-off. Post time to Comments.

    22:28 as rx’d.

    Solid mile time Anthony. PR as well for me, 1st round 1 mile 6:12.

  3. dlede

    Pullups and Pushups on the minute (1 each on 1st minute, 2 each on 2nd minute, etc)
    12 rounds


  4. jmiz

    Six miles, 48:58 – getting close to the PR.
    Tried main site WOD afterwards at Pinetum: made it to the 11th round unbroken when my hands felt like they were about to rip open. Stopped and will live to fight another day.