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Free Intro and Workout

Ready to start your transformation in health & wellness? Learn how our community can help you get fit and live your best life. This 1-hour session will include an introduction to CrossFit, a warm-up, a stretch, and a high intensity barbell workout, so don’t forget your water bottle.

Crash Course

New to CrossFit? It all starts with our Fundamentals Crash Course. This is required if you haven’t taken one in the past or at another CrossFit Affiliate. The session runs over 2-hours as we walk you through our foundational movements to ensure safe form and proper technique.


Start living your best life today. Join our community of everyday folks from all walks of life committed to fitness. Our goal is to create healthier, happier, fitter versions of ourselves with benefits translating across all aspects of life – personally and professionally. Simply put – live better, for longer.

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